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Compound W

The night was brewing as my brother said the fog rolled to the Top of the Mark!! He as usual was in his calm because back in the day Creature Features would grape his jelly and the extract equaled him waking me up to watch it with him.  Trudging down the winding staircase at 22 in the Richmond, a district in San Francisco I would just follow the shadow of his fear.

Reference on this is Ed!!  The Blob, of what a spook and then of course it was the radio blasts on I-5 coming down from Roseburg, oh for the warts. That was a long arid heat from San Francisco to Aunt Laura's in the sticks of a sand that did not match Baker Beach in the end.  Ocean beach gave it the confusion and Playland delivered those gunnysacks that the burn gave my brother more than a stag.  Those days of harp to the string of Lyon-Healy I swear it gave 815 nightmares to know that 811 is still there.  Truth to shore on that barren land was the stories of those dry creeks. I was told that flash floods and cactus were the sheer for in the cold desert night it was those stings, you know the one that give you the time of day to a Canada bay, quote to quoted now August 27, 2017 for the memory and the sleepers that didn't do a thing to raise a chin or shed a steer or just to say hello. It gave the toad a frog to boil on the concrete of a desert in Arizona, all in the long Station Wagon driven by that's right (boom, boom, boom) the new man in my mothers life, that man, that guy, the Tupperware of Britain.

Our Mom held strong, her funny laughter silent of course as that was early on and I had already been taken to Disneyland for the change, a balloon at the S.F.O. gave her the wink and a go.

Pat Novak, for Hire

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Pat Novak, for Hire
GenreDetective drama
Running time30 minutes
Country of originUnited States
Home stationKGO
SyndicatesABC Pacific, later full ABC
StarringJack Webb
Ben Morris
AnnouncerGeorge Fenneman
Written byRichard Breen
Gil Doud
Directed byBill Rousseau
Original release1946 – June 18, 1949
Pat Novak, for Hire is an old-time radio detective drama series which aired from 1946-1947 as a West Coast regional (produced at KGO in San Francisco) program and in 1949 as a nationwide program for ABC. The regional version originally starred Jack Webb in the title role, with scripts by his roommate Richard L. Breen.[1] When Webb and Breen moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles to work on an extremely similar nationwide series, Johnny Madero, Pier 23, for the Mutual network, Webb was replaced by Ben Morris and Breen by other writers. In the later network version, Jack Webb resumed the Novak role, and Breen his duties as scriptwriter. The series is popular among fans for its fast-paced, hard-boiled dialogue and action and witty one-liners.


Ladies and gentlemen, the American Broadcasting Company brings to its entire network one of radio's most unusual programs . . . Pat Novak, for Hire.
Pat Novak, for Hire is set on the San Francisco, California waterfront and depicts the city Pat Novak knows - a dark, rough place where the main goal is survival. Pat Novak is not a detective by trade. He owns a boat shop on Pier 19 where he rents out boats and does odd jobs to make money.[2]
Each episode of the program, particularly the Jack Webb episodes, follows the same basic formula; a foghorn sounds and Novak's footsteps are heard walking down the pier. He then pauses and begins with the line "Sure, I'm Pat Novak . . . for hire". The foghorn repeats and leads to the intro theme, during which Pat gives a monologue about the waterfront and his job renting boats. Jack Webb narrates the story as well as acts in it, as the titular character. Playing the cynic, he throws off lines such as "...about as smart as teaching a cooking class to a group of cannibals". He then introduces the trouble in which he finds himself this week.
Typically, a person unknown to Pat asks him to do an unusual or risky job. Pat reluctantly accepts and finds himself in hot water in the form of an unexplained dead body. Sultry females are usually involved. Police Inspector Hellman (played by Raymond Burr) arrives on the scene and pins the murder on Novak. With only circumstantial evidence to go on, Hellman promises to haul Novak in the next day for the crime. The rapid, staccato dialogue between Webb & Burr is typical of hardboiled fiction and is often humorous. Pat uses the time to try to solve the case. He usually employs the help of his friend Jocko Madigan (played by Tudor Owen) - a drunken ex-doctor typically found at some disreputable tavern or bar - to help him solve the case. As Pat asks for his help, Jocko launches a long-winded philosophical diatribe, full of witty and funny remarks, until Novak cuts him off.
Jocko and Pat unravel the case and Hellman makes the arrest. Finally, we hear the foghorn and Novak's footsteps on the pier again before Novak spells out the details of the case for us. At the end, Novak informs us that "Hellman asked only one question", which Pat answers with a clever retort. The dialogue is rife with similes found in pulp fiction. Example: 'The neighborhood was run down - the kind of place where the For Rent signs look like ransom notes.'

Other personnel[edit]

John Galbraith played the inspector,[3] and Phyllis Skelton was frequently heard in female roles on the program.[4] George Fenneman was the announcer, and Basil Adlam led the orchestra.[1]

Episode guide[edit]

  • Episodes starring Ben Morris
    1. Johnny Brown Gambling Ring (August 3, 1947)
      After Pat loses a lot of money from a previous job gambling in Tahoe, he's hired as a bodyguard on the drive back to San Francisco by an opportunistic bookie. While stopped at a gas station, Pat meets a saucy hitchhiker who later turns up dead in the trunk of the car.
    2. Mysterious Set of Books (August 10, 1947)
      Pat gets a call from a lonely woman looking for company. When Pat arrives, Hellman answers the door. He's wrapping up a murder investigation in which a bookkeeper is murdered by his landlady. Someone approaches Pat about retrieving papers the bookkeeper was holding for him - for a cool grand. When he arrives, a woman who may be more than she lets on is already there.
    3. The Lydia Reynolds Case (November 23, 1947)
      Pat picks up a fast woman in a fast car at the horse races. She hires him on as a bodyguard, but when she leaves the car to make a phone call, Pat is carjacked by a thug who seems to know who she is and who he is.
    4. Death in Herald Square (November 30, 1947)
      Pat gets a call from a man whose door lock is broken and wants Pat to watch his apartment. Hellman shows up looking for a missing book related to a murder case with a $10,000 reward and reveals that the man who hired Pat does not own the apartment.
  • Episodes starring Jack Webb
    1. Jack of Clubs (September 12, 1946)
      Pat goes to the bank to deposit $100, only to find that someone else has deposited $1000 in his account. When Pat returns home, a woman is waiting for him. She tells Pat that the $1000 was given to him by someone wanting him to steal a jack of clubs from a passenger on a ship docking that night. She wants Pat to steal the card for her instead.
    2. An Envelope for John St. John (October 13, 1946)
      On his way out of the office, Pat sees an old man crossing the street get hit by a car. The old man gives Pat an envelope full of money and an envelope to deliver to a man named John St. John and dies.
    3. Go Away Dixie Gillian (November 24, 1946)
      Pat is hired by a woman to frighten a man named Dixie Gillian by telling him a man named Adrian wants him to leave town by morning. (regional broadcast)
    4. Jack of Clubs (February 20, 1949)
      Pat goes to the bank to deposit $100, only to find that someone else has deposited $1000 in his account. When Pat returns home, a woman is waiting for him. She tells Pat that the $1000 was given to him by someone wanting him to steal a jack of clubs from a passenger on a ship docking that night. She wants Pat to steal the card for her instead. This is a different production than September 12, 1946.
    5. Marcia Halpern (February 27, 1949)
      Pat literally runs into a woman with amnesia as he's leaving the coffee shop. As she's trying to tell Pat her story, she dies. Pat must work to uncover her past before her death threatens his future.
    6. Fleet Lady (March 6, 1949)
      A famous jockey hires Pat to find his missing racehorse, Fleet Lady. At the stables, Pat meets both the seductive owner of the horse as well as a dead body.
    7. Rubin Callaway (March 13, 1949)
      Pat is hired by a mysterious woman to retrieve the contents of a safe deposit box, which puts Pat in danger and leads to murder.
    8. Rory Malone (March 20, 1949)
      A beautiful and mysterious redhead gives Pat $300 to stay away from prize fighter Rory Malone, who he has never met. Later, the boxer's manager also offers Pat $300 to watch Malone that evening, which is when the trouble begins.
    9. Joe Candono Blackmail Pictures (March 27, 1949)
      Pat is hired by a woman who wants him to meet with notorious gambler Joe Candono to pay off her brother's sizable gambling debt. Pat goes to meet with the woman and her brother to get information on Joe Candono's whereabouts, but runs into a group of thugs instead. Pat is knocked out and wakes up next to a dead body.
    10. Father Lahey (April 2, 1949)
      A concerned priest hires Pat to pick up a prison escapee once under his care. A small pit stop before bringing the prisoner back to the priest leads to big trouble for Pat.
    11. Sam Tolliver (April 9, 1949)
      Pat's old friend Sam Tolliver pays him a visit looking for a quick favor. When the deal goes bad, Pat must track down Sam to clear his own name of murder.
    12. Go Away Dixie Gillian (April 16, 1949)
      Pat is hired by a woman to frighten a man named Dixie Gillian by telling him a man named Adrian wants him to leave town by morning. This is an updated version of the earlier episode of the same name.
    13. Rita Malloy (April 23, 1949)
      Pat closes up shop early and finds a man with a gun in his apartment. The man knocks Pat out and takes his boat. It shows up later all smashed up with a dead man and a hotel key inside.
    14. Watch Wendy Morris (April 30, 1949)
      Pat is hired to keep tabs on a woman named Wendy Morris by a man who suspects that her husband who has returned from military duty overseas is an imposter.
    15. Shirt Mix-Up at the Laundry (May 7, 1949)
      Pat's laundry is mixed up with another customer's. When Pat tracks down the other customer to swap packages, he finds himself mixed up in trouble and murder.
    16. Geranium Plant (May 14, 1949)
      A woman in a bar hires Pat to pick up a geranium plant at a corner flower shop and deliver it to an address. After Pat makes the pickup, he notices he's being followed by a small man with a cane. Suddenly, a car veers off course and hits Pat. And that's just the beginning of his trouble.
    17. An Envelope for John St. John (May 21, 1949)
      On his way out of the office, Pat sees an old man crossing the street get hit by a car. The old man gives Pat an envelope full of money and an envelope to deliver to a man named John St. John and dies. This is a different production than October 13, 1946.
    18. Agnes Bolton (June 4, 1949)
      Pat is hired to follow a large woman named Agnes Bolton from a bowling alley and steal her green bag. But with many people after the bag, trouble is always around the corner for Pat.
    19. Georgie Lampson (June 11, 1949)
      Pat's old flame Georgie Lampson hires Pat to take her out in his boat to meet a freighter with an important package.
    20. The Only Way To Make Friends Is To Die (June 18, 1949)
      Two gunmen are looking for Joe Dineen and they think Pat knows where he is.
    21. Little Jake Siegel (June 25, 1949)
      A priest asks to meet with Pat. When Pat is at the church, a shot is fired and - believe it or not - trouble ensues.

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Sum Wares In Time!!

This blog is named after a wonderful credit to how life is more than breadth.  It is depth of listening and the aspect of to do so and as that is being said 'Just Call Me Care In' is in honor and love of whom cannot be named. This blog is a wholly owned subsidiary of  'Do You Want To Build A Planet Today?' ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of 'The Balance Of Nautical Nor Too Coal' ( as the wholly owned subsidiary of 'The Impossible Is The Possible Happening' ( as the wholly owned subsidiary of 'The Secret Of The Universe Is Choice 'The Continue'' ( as the wholly owned and actual of the subsidiary of  'The Secret of the Universe is Choice' all names to be included for said 'The Secret of the Universe is Choice, a malignant narcissist can make one!' ( original filed to google as witness to Facebook ( 'holdings' for name and address as appropriately filed for days on the Internet subsidiary rules and regulations not yet set but people dialed to particular 'Hold's Assets' to log&library Encyclopedia of new to the world and societies short-comings on what would impend to stolen Goods is now recognized by I, google subsidiaries and Facebook as quid pro quo too as witness in addition now currently recognized for I as on Apr 4, 2016 - Radio duo Armstrong & Getty brings comedic wit and commentary with an entertaining edge to the airwaves of KGO 810 beginning April 5 where I was able to listen to a new found complete and absolute treasure and the story thereof, Chief Greg Suhr!! 

(note to whom reads and is unable to comprehend past lives as the moon in the beautiful list of earth to the find of who has a wife to know how grace is Suhr to you today I hope.  As in the actual of reality for I see him looking at his love and wife of or to be through the wonder of a moon that shone above and in thus the lyrics of he in a sing to you.  May this little bit of a collection deliver to you an envelope of magical wonder to the eyes of the Man that looks to you from the Sky in a groom to hold to you more than steam, for as Chief Suhr sings to wife I just enjoyed the Thunder in this lightening of reality, at least that is how I remember it!!

Today the 28th of May the year of 2017 I may add in that the ones who cannot be named have joined the aspect of confidence and I am feeling the love for Hymn!!


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